Modular LED lamps

lamp gromag scheme 30mm tubes
Set of a lamp gromag schematized 30mm tubes

GROMAG is a system of modular lamps, tiltable, composable, for tube containing one or more LED strings or conventional LED tubes, the system is composed by meshes similar to a chain links with two or three holes to accommodate tubes containing LED strings or to accommodate connection adapters for common LED tube, the chain links can be joined to form a lamp system with variable angles, variable lengths and widths.

To illuminate particular environments and to give a uniqueness to the lighting system there are currently no products highly adaptable and customizable, there are in the case of need to illuminate some areas, adjustable spotlights, but still in shape and features defined, there is no yet a system that gives the user full freedom of creativity to decide the shape, the size and type of light he want.

the series of mesh of the gromag
the series of chain link of the gromag
1) double chain link 30mm 2) triple chain link 30mm 3) long chain link 30mm
4) double chain link 20mm 5) triple chain link 20mm 6) long chain link 20mm

Detail of the locking system.

In this project we wanted to give the possibility to choose and implement freely those that are personal tastes and fantasies regarding lighting systems.

30mm versions gromag
gromag 30mm double leds and attachment system
1) 30mm tube 2) double LEDs Strip 3) plug with hole for the power supply 4) safety interlock 5) suspension system 6) pin to adjust angle

To satisfy individual tastes, the user will be able to choose the length of the lighting tubes, the size one or two strips LEDs, the power, the color, the temperature, the width of the lamp, the inclination of the individual pieces, the shape of the final composition.

gromag 300 t8 t5
gromag lamp with adapter for neon tubes T5 / T8
1) adapter G5 / G13 2) long chain links 30mm 3) tube neon / LED 4) safety interlock 5) suspension system
6) pin to adjust angle

As we said the lamp consists of a system to accommodate LED tubes, the structure is composed of chain links, with two or three big holes and a series of small holes all around the primary holes, they have the purpose of being able adjust the inclination of the various components, accommodate in the case of commercial LED tubes a safety interlock and also to provide the hook point to be hung.

It was decided the design of three different types of chain links, all three with two different internal diameters, 20mm and 30mm, to accommodate tubes of different types, supported by two adapters to accommodate commercial LED tubes with the connection type T8 T5 and similar.

With these features, the lamp can have a wide variety of shapes, it will be definable in length, width, intensity and color of light source of each individual element, in the case of most advanced systems it has been planned the use of programmable LED 5050 – 2812 or similar, with which it will be possible to define a fixed or variable luminous matrix in order to have in addition to a unique form also a unique light source.

modular lamp complete
Modular lamp complete with central short chain link

Some examples of combinations of the prototypes marked gormag, above a classic example of combining short central chain links, two long angled chain links and two triple chain links.

a modular LED lamp with a flower composition
Modular LED lamp flower composition daytime

Combination flower shaped, with long chain links gromag, central tube 1 meter in length, with light and semi dark.

a modular lamp gromag blue-flowered
Modular lamp shaped blue flower

Flower composition LED lamp gromag, night version with led of wavelength close to 450Nm.

LED lamp shaped like a flower in the dark
Modular LED lamp gromag flower shape in the darkness