Triple chain link

triple mesh led lamp
The triple chain link is the one with greater luminous density, accommodates three led tube, has been designed to give a light source particularly dense and homogeneous. Like all  chain links it is compatible with the other to create a lamp of shape you want, of course the length of the led tubes and the type of led sources can be personalized. Above a particular lamp angled daylight. Under, an evocative photograph that highlights the capabilities bright lamp.
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Dmatrix stands for dynamic matrix In this example there are LED programmable adafruit ws2810, they are controlled by an Arduino with which you set an array of light. The light is a resultant of the various color bands reproduced on the surface of the lamp. What we want is to have a light that come from a dynamics and colorful matrix, to do this we decided to pull out from the solar spectrum the outline, after that going to apply a 3d golden spiral, turning the spiral of 360 degrees, wi...
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